I appreciate your letters and wisdom in these hard times. I fear too quickly blaming gods for the folly of men. You see we fight an unknown enemy with unknown goals. We do not understand the reasons by which we fight.

These beasts use some unknown magic of fire and iron to recreate the giants that Óðinn had given his eye to rid the world of. To make things worse, in our fear of the worms, we brought the horror of those original monsters back and now fight by their side. I fear Óðinn may have turned his back on us for that deal.

Fear of destruction by metal giants though did serve us well. Fear united us against a common monster. A beast that destroys our cities without care for their goods, or who is there. These monsters gave us reasons not to fight each other.

Then you bring us news that the enemy fights itself. We are all warriors we know that means an end to our struggles as no force can survive a battle on two fronts, especially when one of those fronts is from within.

This news brought hope, confidence and arrogance. Now man can turn his eye board away from battle to the power plays of politics. You were tried not because people thought you lied but because people believed what you said, and some feared the power you might gain through the ending of this conflict. Most of the elders believe it will be over within the year.

You have seen into what I deal with every day. The chaos that you perceive is calmer than normal as we are still in a war. But as the war tapers off to completion it will become a dangerous place for those who are not careful in politics again.

I hope this letter grants you and your unit peace. May Óðinn grant us his wisdom to navigate through such times and to victory over the worm of Iron and fire.

Jarl Asger


The Trickster and the Wolf bagheer bagheer