Knud Bodil


Refresh = 2

Son of Aesir Eriksen Heir to the throne of snake.

High Aspect: Best Swordsmen of Snake Clan
Trouble Duty before Life
Group Aspect Ward of Dog Fenrir
Sacred Item A lock of his dead brother’s hair
+4 Notice
+3 Stealth Fight
+2 Physique Will
Notice Óðinn’s eyes
(Supernatural) You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments.
Stealth Ninja Vanish.
Once per scene, you can vanish while in plain sight by spending a fate point, using a smoke pellet or other mysterious technique. This places the Vanished boost on you. While you’re vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on you until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where you went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as you invoke it, or someone makes that overcome roll.
1 2
1 2

Knud Bodil

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