The Trickster and the Wolf

Traitors and Friends

Friends or Enemies

Velentr enters Jorundarholt naked and in a stupor wearing a fresh pelt of a Leopard upon his shoulders.

Jarl Asger calls for the team and informs them of a rumor that Holdfast ├×vaitholt was destroyed by the Dwarfs. They have been sent out to investigate.

Dog Fenrir, Velentr, Jack, Drage Raseri, Drake, Grettir and Knud Bodil leave for ├×vaitholt.

They encounter a Dwarven Scouter and Drake gets its attention. It is a Dwarf from the “Fifth Tunnel” a faction of friendly Dwarfs. He and his faction believe Humans and Dwarfs can co-exist.

He explains that the Dwarfs are being forced from their homes by indescribable creatures, walking dead, and earth that attacks them. They fear humans because of “The top dwellers swore the eradication of our kind when we left the surface.”

Holdfast ├×vaitholt is a quarter mile wide pit with Dwarven Destroyers crawling all around it and children playing.

A presence took notice and may have sabotaged meeting the “Fifth Tunnel”.


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