The Trickster and the Wolf

Into the earth

We ran away

Dog, Jack,Drake and Velentr entered the cave into the under world. They were surprised by and also surprised a Dwarf Digger with Dwarven Spiders.

They made quick work of those. They explored and Dog found children, directed team down a different tunnel. They found a room with 18 Dwarf Soldiers, 2 Dwarf Captians and 6 Dwarven Automations, with 3 Dwarf Soldiers sleeping in cots.

Dog sneaks in and kills the three sleeping. Then Velentr strikes his anvil and destroys a Dwarven Automation. Drake rushes in and kills 2 Dwarf Soldiers. Jack sneaked in and poised to strike a Dwarven Automation.

Drake takes lots of damage. Everyone decides to run. Dog goes out the back door. Everyone else engages in a chase and barely escape. Drake kills those who were chasing them.

Dog gets chased by 6 Dwarf Soldiers and 3 Dwarven Automations. He out runs them and they take a separate tunnel. Soon afterward the alarms sound.

They head home to discover that Dalrborg was destroyed by the Dwarfs. Now Ward Bergman is now Jarl Asger’s left hand man.


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