The Trickster and the Wolf

In to the wild

A path of thumbs

Dog, Jack, Velentr and Drake were chosen by Jarl Asger for a secret mission. Their mission was to scout out two locations. The first was the reported prisoner camp. The other not too far from that was where they were told that Loki reported the existence of a magic crystal that gave power to the Dwarven war machines.

The team was given money to purchase the supplies they need at Dalrborg in order to not draw suspicion from their own holdfast. As they entered the crowded market place looking for a place to stay, someone with a strange accent spoke “Dog!” in a loud but not yelling voice.

Fenrir turned to see a Jgol standing there. “Dog, I have information to sell you.” Negotiations were made and The oath of food was made. The information received was:

By the hour, the the brother of Jarl Bergman will recognize you and invite you to a feast. His intentions are to frame your holdfast and your Jarl for the murder of Jarl Bergman. The plans are already being executed, the fame of your entourage only makes it easier for him. He plans to have his brother poisoned at the feast. The poison will be in his brother’s glass, the antidote in his own. He will prevent the food taster from tasting the wine and will instead drink from it himself to remove suspicion from himself.

Sure enough, at exactly 1 hour the plan was in motion.

Velentr bound Hahn Bergman to the truth. During the feast Jack used the binding to force Hahn to tell the truth of what his intentions this evening were.

The Jarl thanked the team and gave them a favor.

Then into the wild they went. When they arrived at the place the captives were supposed to be, they discovered it was covered in the severed thumbs and fingers of Dwarfs. The captives were malnourished, dehydrated and suffering from exposure. They told stories of a battle that was over in an hour, and the tortured screams of Dwarfs that lasted days.

This place has been named The Cliff of Thumbs.

After returning the captives to civilization they went to The Forge of the dead, to investigate.

They watch as the evil and vile Dwarfs were killed and tortured.

Velentr used the forge and the ash of the murdered Dwarfs to forge Tommel Sti.

Fenrir and Jack explore into the chasm. They find an entrance into the Dwarven lands, the guards have had their throats cut and no defensive wounds.

Fenrir believes that the party has stumbled upon a civil war.


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